Hui-Ting Shih

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Hui-Ting Shih, PT, MSPT

PhD student, Graduate research & teaching assistant, Lab manager



Hui-Ting Shih received her undergraduate and master training in National Taiwan University. After that, she worked as a clinical physical therapist, instructor in several hospitals, clinics, and schools, until 2016 she started pursuing her PhD in University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her research interest is motor skill learning in people with neurological and orthopedic diseases. She engages in utilizing various aspects of approaches, including performances-based, biomechanical, and neurophysiological outcomes to investigate the learning effects and mechanisms.



M.S. in Physical Therapy – National Taiwan University – 2013

B.S. in Physical Therapy – National Taiwan University – 2011




  • DPT 749 Applied Exercise Physiology
  • DPT 749L Applied Exercise Physiology Laboratory
  • DPT 791 Applied Research Statistics


  • DPT 750 Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • DPT 750L Prosthetics and Orthotics Laboratory



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T Iwatsuki, HT Shih, B Poston, G Wulf. (In preparation). EMG activity and autonomy support in isometric force production.


HT Shih, SP Lee. “Effect of Age and Body Mass Index on Mobility in Middle-Aged to Older Adults with and without Lower Limb Amputation” 8-11 August 2018, Rochester, USA, Annual Conference of ASB.

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UNLV Clinical Locomotion Neuromechanics Lab (MPE-G 503) Direction