Bertec Balance Advantage System


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BERTEC tutorial video

The Bertec Balance Advantage (Dynamic Computerized Posturography) utilizes an immersive virtual reality world to assess balance. It is embedded with two force platforms and is capable of assessing balance-related sensory organization (vestibular, vision, and proprioception), limits of stability, adaptation, motor control, and vestibular-ocular reflexes.


Virtubalance System


Virtubalance Website

Virtubalance VST System tutorial video

The Virtubalance VST System is a markerless mobile quantification system that utilizes an infrared camera to detect body movement to within 1 mm error. This portable system is used to quantify temporal spatial gait characteristics, static and dynamic balance, CTSIB balance test, Tinetti Balance Test, and functional reach.


Protokinetics Zeno Walkway


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Protokinetics tutorial video

The Protokinetics Zeno Walkway System is a 4 foot by 20 foot walking mat that detects and collects pressure data during static and dynamic balance and gait assessment, including measuring instantaneous COP, integrated pressure, COMe, and temporal spatial measures (e.g., step/stride length, swing/stance time, velocity, cadence, path efficiency)




Actigraph Website

Actigraph tutorial video

The Actigraph wGT3X-BT captures and records high resolution raw acceleration data, which is converted into a variety of objective activity and sleep measures using publicly available algorithms developed and validated by members of the academic research community.


APDM Mobility Lab

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Mobility Lab Tutorial Video

Trusted and utilized by researchers and clinicians worldwide, Mobility Lab provides sensitive, reliable, and valid outcome measures for assessing functional mobility. Mobility Lab makes it easy to collect, analyze, and store data. Attach sensors to your subject, and instruct them to perform a standardized test. A report is then automatically generated to compare against normative values. This process takes less than five minutes.