Yo Shih

Yo Shih

Yo Shih, PT, PhD

Post-doctoral scholar


Dr. Yo Shih is interested in motor control of lower extremity movement related to musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions. She received her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from National Taiwan University and her master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from National Normal Taiwan University before she earned her Ph.D from University of Southern California. In her dissertation, Dr. Shih probed into the brain-behavior relationship of the movements related to knee injury. As a researcher, Dr. Shih uses a variety of research equipment including motion analysis system, transcranial magnetic stimulation, electromyography, instrumented treadmill, and wearable sensors. She hopes to advance current understanding of motor control of movements and to inform rehabilitation and injury prevention of populations with lower extremity movement dysfunctions.



2013- 2019       PhD, Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy,

University of Southern California

Dissertation title: Corticomotor excitability of gluteus maximus: Influence on hip extensor strength and hip mechanics

2008- 2010       Master of Science, Graduate Institute of Exercise & Sport Science

National Taiwan Normal University

Thesis title: Measuring kinematic changes of the foot using a gyro sensor during intense running.

2000- 2004       Bachelor of Science, School of Physical Therapy

National Taiwan University

Seminar title: Effect of repeated exercise on muscle injuries



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Department(s): Integrated Health Sciences

Office: BHS 312
Mail Code: 3029
Phone: 702-895-3086
Fax: 702-895-4883
Email: yo.shih@unlv.edu