Our mission is to provide physical therapists and other health care providers with the highest quality of clinically relevant research.

We are committed to accomplishing our mission by providing our staff with the most up-to-date equipment available. Designed primarily for gait, posture, and balance assessments, the Gait and Balance Lab is equipped with cutting edge balance and gait assessment tools. Specifically, Bertec Balance Advantage system, Bertec Vision Advantage system, Virtubalance system, and a Protokinetics Zeno walkway. The Gait and Balance Lab is also equipped with the following equipment: Biosway portable balance system (CTSIB and LOS), Adult LiteGait partial weight bearing device, 30 foot overground non-deweighting harness system, Biodex Gait Trainer II instrumented rehabilitation treadmill with real time feedback, APDM Mobility Lab, GTX3XPD Actigraphs (activity monitors), and ActivPAL activity monitors.